Comprehensive Solutions

Northwest Environmental Solutions provides a wide range of services to our customers. We are your comprehensive source for all your testing and environmental compliance needs. If you would like more details about any of our services on this page or want to request a quote, please contact us.

Environmental Services

  • Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment
  • Direct Push Drilling – Geoprobe (Truck Mounted, Skid Mounted & Manual Sampling)

    NES performs soil and groundwater sampling using our fleet of truck-­‐mounted Geoprobe Systems™ hydraulic-­‐powered district-­‐push and limited-­‐access equipment. Direct push drilling includes several types of drilling rigs and drilling equipment that do not involve a rotating drill string. Instead, the drill string cuts through material to create a borehole by pushing or hammering. Direct push technology can also be combined with sonic (vibratory) methods to increase drill efficiency.

  • Direct Push Drilling – Concord Drill (Trailer Mounted), AMS Power Probe 9600-ES, AMS Power Probe 9100-VTR-D
  • Soil (Dual Tube & Shelby Tube) & Ground Water Sampling
  • Site Remediation & Reconstruction Services
  • Emergency Spill Response – Hazardous Waste & Remedial Cleanup Actions
  • In situ bioremediation (ISB) – the application of bioremediation in the subsurface – as compared to ex situ bioremediation, which applies to media readily accessible aboveground (e.g., in treatment cells/soil piles or bioreactors).

Testing Services

  • Tank Tightness Testing – Alert Technologies

    The Alert Tank Testing System is the most comprehensive and reliable combination for the testing of both the wet and dry portions of the storage tank system.The equipment allows users to test tanks up to and including 30,000 gallons with pressure or vacuum. There is no other system available on the market can offer such flexibility.

  • Line Rightness Testing – Petro, Tite (Purpora Engineering)

    NES performs precision line test using the Petro-­‐Tite line tester, which can perform both line tests and leak detection. It is capable of testing 3 lines at once in as little as 30 minutes and can locate leaks as small as .0080 gph

  • Line Leak Detection – Vaporless Manufacturing

    NES performs leak detection testing on any and everytype of pipeline system. This service will ensure your business is up to regulatory compliance standards, either through precision or functional testing techniques. NES conducts system diagnostics and can perform any trouble shooting necessary to repair a leak or replace a line entirely.

  • Cathodic Protection – Testing & Installation (Galvanic & Impressed)

    Cathodic protection uses the electrical properties of metal corrosion to provide a system that protects the steel in Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) or metallic piping and inhibits the oxidation process. A galvanic cathodic protection system consists of sacrificial anodes affixed to the UST during manufacturing, and provides specified wiring for an inspection station installed near the surface of the ground.The impressed current cathodic protection system provides electrodes of a much longer life, with a rectifier that converts the alternating current power source to a direct current that is calibrated to provide the required protection.

  • AST Inspection – SP001 – Steel Tank Institute
  • Stage I & II Vapor Compliance Testing

    During the tank filling process, rising liquid displaces vapors present in the upper portion (ullage) of the tank. These displaced vapors must escape to enable the product transfer to the tank. If there is not a tight connection (tight fill) between the delivery hose and the fill port, some vapors flow out around the hose while additional vapors escapethrough the tank’s vent pipe. Stage I of this testing is designed to capture said vapors that result from the gasoline transfer from the delivery truck to the storage tank.Stage 2 captures displaced vapors that emerge from inside a motor vehicle fuel tank when gasoline is dispensed into the tank.

    Test Procedures: CARB

    • Air to Liquid TP-201.5
    • Pressure Decay TP-201.3
    • Tank Tie TP-201.3C
    • Dynamic Back Pressure TP-201.4
    • Static Torque TP-201.1
    • Leak Rate Drop Tube /
      Drain Valve TP-201.1 C and D
    • Pressure Vent Crack Test TP-201.1E
  • SB989 Spill Bucket & Sump Testing

    A spill bucket is installed at the fill pipe to contain dripsof fuel that can occur when the delivery hose is uncoupled from the fill pipe after delivery.NES can properly maintain spill buckets by emptying their contents and disposing of the material properly, checking their tightness and making any necessary repairs or replacements.

  • Tank Monitor Certifications
  • Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

    NES uses a variety of nondestructive testing techniques including Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Liquid Penetrant (PT), Visual Testing (VT) and Magnetic Particle Testing (MT). UTuses high frequency sound energy to conduct examinations and make measurements. PT also called Dye Penetrant is an inexpensive technique, which is most often used to detect cracks, and voids open to the surface of nonporous metallic materials. VT is a technique that requires minimal equipment and can be performed while the specimen is being used.MT widely used to find cracking conditions in structural steel, lifting devices, shafts, and other critical equipment.

  • Monthly A/B Inspections
  • NACE – CIP – Coatings Inspection

Other Services

  • Licensed General Contractor
  • Demolition – Commercial, Residential, Industrial (Deconstruction, Interior, Selective, Wrecking)
  • Excavation & Site Development
  • Core & Anode Drilling
  • AHERA & Asbestos Abatement
  • DEF Installation
  • Helium Pint Point Leak Detection

    Helium is used for leak detection in cases where the pipe’s typical flow conditions are not enough to locate the leak. Helium is used a “tracer gas,” introduced into the pipe under pressure. A handheld helium detector, or “sniffer,” is then able to trace the helium gas to any place where it escapes from the pipe.